Bid to deny Pandora an FM station reflects out-of-date music royalty system

Pandora on FM would be so cool. I love Pandora!


The town of Box Elder, South Dakota, is an unlikely battleground in the ongoing clash between the music industry and streaming service Pandora. A group representing musicians this week asked the FCC to deny Pandora(s p) a license to operate an FM radio station there because the company will not serve the “needs and interests of the residents of Box Elder.”

The good folk of Box Elder — nestled between the Black Hills and the Badlands — may wonder how their airwaves became the subject of a tussle between a controversial Silicon Valley company and the Washington-based ASCAP, a group that collects copyright royalties for songwriters. But in the larger fight over the price of music in the digital age, the dispute over Box Elder’s FM station makes a weird kind of  sense.

Recall that Pandora is lobbying Congress to lower the rates it must pay every time it plays…

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Seven years of tweeting

Twitter is a part of my life, too. Don’t think it’s been 7 years, but it’s up there. Follow me at @ladybugcst or @loriimdad


I didn’t even realize it till this morning when Twopcharts told me that today was my 7th Twitter birthday. (We celebrated another 7th anniversary recently.)

Twitter started for me after a chat with Noah Glass, who helped me sign up on my Nokia E61. Since then the company has gone from me being SMS to web & internet centric. It has become the news network of the planet and has proved be extremely resilient and adaptable as a company. It is a great story — and I hope we will learn more from Nick Bilton’s book on twitter which comes out later this year.

The list of everyday technology services that I am thankful for is very short. And Twitter ranks right up there with WordPress, Amazon, Apple…

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Did You Get My Email? (and other virtual concerns)

Great points about emailing.

I'd like a redo

When I begin to write an email, I am openly engaging in a never-ending struggle to get the greeting right — my face transforms into that of an important person, about to solve world mysteries through the click of some buttons by well manicured fingertips. In reality, my fingernails are half painted blue, half bitten off and the email I am writing is solely an attempt at modest employment, returning a hello, or sharing an embarrassing youtube clip — So, not in any way an effort at saving the world.

But I can’t just write the email because it’s too hard — because most of the charm of being myself is how I am in person. That’s a total cop-out as a writer but seriously, I’m super captivating and dynamic in person. My old boss told me I get the engagement award at meetings (which didn’t exist) for emphatically bobbing…

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An Open Letter to WeChat: 7 Warnings From a Social Media Marketer

News Podge

Dear WeChat,


First of all, I must say, you’re doing a terrific job. Atta boy. Your owner Tencent is relevant again among China’s young, better-off city dwellers; when it comes to mobile you’re ahead of Facebook, and that makes me proud to be in China. You’ve even made QR codes cool again.

But enough flattery. Here’s some words of caution from somebody that’s suffered headaches of marketing on Kaixin, RenRen and Weibo. You could be perfect for ordinary people and the organizations they engage with; but if you make the same mistakes of previous platforms you won’t be around for long. Think about this as you work on the updates we’re eagerly awaiting. Don’t screw it up.

  1. Keep out the crap. It’s WAY too easy to register shuijun (水军) or ‘zombie’ accounts on Weibo; it’s also WAY too easy for these accounts to make brands and influencers look more…

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Polycom Unveils Panoramic Video Solutions for Microsoft Lync Environments

Polycom Unveils Panoramic Video Solutions for Microsoft Lync Environments

Polycom, Inc.(NASDAQ:PLCM) has unveiled the 360-degree, panoramic 1080p HD video collaboration solutions custom-built for Microsoft Lync2013. The new Polycom CX5500 and CX5100 Unified Conference Stations are designed to deliver a groundbreaking around-the-table experience for all participants, whether they are in the room or thousands of miles away.

At the Microsoft 2013 Worldwide Partner Conference, Polycom also announced that it has received Lync 2013 qualification for its full portfolio of Polycom VVX Business Media Phones. “The strategic alliance we have built with Microsoft over the past several years continues to deliver innovative collaboration solutions that provide Polycom and Lync customers with an unrivalled experience. Our custom-built solutions for Lync such as the new panoramic video collaboration experience, and our leading portfolio of Lync interoperable offerings, enable Polycom and Microsoft to win business from organization seeking unified communications and collaboration solutions that empower people to collaborate however, wherever and whenever they want,”…

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A Leader in PC Protection


Bitdefender Total Security 2013 3PC 2Yr

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 3PC/2Yr. No pop-ups. No configuring. No interruptions. That’s the kind of silent security you’ll find in Bitdefender Total Security. It integrates antivirus, antispam, antiphishing, firewall, and parental controls into one hassle-free solution. Plus, it safeguards your Twitter and Facebook presence from links to malicious pages and from privacy threats.

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