An Open Letter to WeChat: 7 Warnings From a Social Media Marketer

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Dear WeChat,


First of all, I must say, you’re doing a terrific job. Atta boy. Your owner Tencent is relevant again among China’s young, better-off city dwellers; when it comes to mobile you’re ahead of Facebook, and that makes me proud to be in China. You’ve even made QR codes cool again.

But enough flattery. Here’s some words of caution from somebody that’s suffered headaches of marketing on Kaixin, RenRen and Weibo. You could be perfect for ordinary people and the organizations they engage with; but if you make the same mistakes of previous platforms you won’t be around for long. Think about this as you work on the updates we’re eagerly awaiting. Don’t screw it up.

  1. Keep out the crap. It’s WAY too easy to register shuijun (水军) or ‘zombie’ accounts on Weibo; it’s also WAY too easy for these accounts to make brands and influencers look more…

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